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Goodmorning, I’m Antonino and in 2008 I founded Sikelia Sail together with my family. It was in fact my parents who transmitted this deep dedication towards the sea and our territory to me and my brothers. Since when I was a child, my dream was to go to the sea and make other people know our places, places that characterized my teenage because I lived in the western part of the island, where the fishing and the daily life connected to the sea forged my passion, continued and strengthened when, due to family issues, I had to move to the eastern part of Sicily.

Here, once I finished my studies and found a job, I bought a rubber boat with my first earnings and I began to explore the coast that goes from Marina di Ragusa to Syracuse and with a lot of embellishment I discovered the carribean sea of Isola delle Correnti, Capo Passero, Marzamemi and Vendicari.
The consequence of my discoveries together with my passion for the sea contributed to the beginning of this path that led to the foundation of Sikelia Sail, born from a great passion for the sea and the territory.

Our desire is to let you live and know our sea, and allow you relax and fun followed by the wonder of true nature, with a friend who will make you feel like family and will treat you like a real member.

The members of Sikelia are part of my family, but there are also some close coworkers who are like family too.

The name Sikelia comes from the greek “LAND OF ABUNDANCE”. It was the name used by the greeks who came in Sicily in 756 b.C to call the island, inhabited by “Sikeloi”, one of the first populations who occupied Sicily. The greeks also called it “The gift from the Gods” and it was them who gave birth to sumptuous colonies like Agrigento, Syracuse, Milazzo and Zancle (now Messina), great cities where one of the most artistic and cultural lives of the Mediterranean Sea developed. In the following centuries the presence of the arabs, the normans, and the spanish contributed to the enrichment of the artistic and cultural patrimony of the island.

We chose the word “Sikelia” because Sicily really represents us, it is a land of contrasts and colors, a land where the traces of past colonizations blend with the beauty of our uncontaminated nature, a land whose the beauty of the sea, the transparency of the water and its wonderful sea bottoms have nothing to envy.

Find out our excursions on board of our boats, which will lead you to the visit of beautiful places and uncontaminated islands, where you will be able to swim.


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